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Leadership Group

Vitrual Fundrasing Concert for Ukraine


Chloe Cho


Vice President

Chloe Choi, Lydia Jung, Miles Jung


Julia Jang, Andrew Lee, Alexander Choi, Michelle Kim, Maya Attal,

Clair Cho, Cayden Cho, Isaac Ahn, Jessica Lee, Caylee Choi,

Annabelle Park, Evelyn Joung, Eliana 



May 2022



Ukraine is in the midst of a disastrous crisis—In support of the people living in Ukraine, whose lives have been uprooted and endangered by this threat, the young musicians of the Pro Sono organization performed and put together a virtual concert fundraiser. We donated $1000 to the World Central Kitchen, Inc. through GoFundME.

Practice Buddy Project (during Covid Pandemic)


Chelsie Lim, Eunsun Choi, Chloe Cho, Lydia Jung, Ludia Kim, Jennifer Jang



April-June 2021



Our mission is to aid young, promising musicians fulfill their goals through a one-on-one, student-to-student practice buddy system. We offer guidance throughout the learning process and embrace the questions that inevitably arise as students expand their knowledge of their instrument, learning collectively as a community. 

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